Cancer Gone in the Name of Jesus!

This past week, I went back to Honduras. One testimony among many stood out to me. A girl I had prayed for, but did not receive an immediate manifestation shared her testimony with me. She had been diagnosed with a Myoma (a tumor). A few months ago, I was able to pray over the phone with her, although it wasn’t until weeks later that she received what she wanted, she knew only God could have done it!

She went in to get the Myoma removed, but that day she came down with a fever and was told to come back when she was better. Later, at home, she felt something drop and checked. The tumor had fallen out and all pain went with it. Isn’t God amazing!

Actual picture of the Myoma
This thing was pretty big!

Jesus died on the cross for her healing, it was already done over 2000 years ago and all she had to do was receive it! This is not the only testimony she’s had when I have prayed, but boy was this a big one! Also, her daughter had run away from home and we came in agreement that she would be convicted and come home. Sure enough, a few days later, she was on her way home. Rosie is so hungry and ready to receive and God has everything she needs! She is attentively learning how to receive and grow on her own and I am super excited to see what God will do in her life!

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